2003 With the original lighthouse slightly weathering, members decided to erect a first class lighthouse made of stronger materials replacing the old light completely.  

2004 A 2,200 sq. ft. deck was added to the club house to further enhance the socializing experience.    

2006 The pavilion part of the deck was installed with a canvas enclosure giving the parties and events held there a way to take cover if weather became foul or evenings were cooler.

2010 With the help of a club bond program and savings, the allowed the club to finally purchase the island property and pay off our mortgage with great success. 

2013 With a desperate need of a new clubhouse roof we hired a contractor for a complete tear off and installation of a new asphalt roof. We are very proud of this upgrade and it brings a newer modern look.

2014 A MILESTONE YEAR! We have indeed grown into one of the greatest boat clubs on Lake St. Clair, and this year we are very pleased to celebrate our 50th year as an organized boat club.

2018 - 2019  With a new found marine contractor, further and much needed sea wall construction begins and will continue for several years to come. Member reconstruction of decks, docks and garage/clubhouse maintenance continues at a steady pace. 

2021 Membership continues to remain up and the island is looking better than ever. We welcome all to visit our island for a wonderful experience. As always, consider membership and be part of this growing club.

Old Mariners statement "There aren't any strangers out there, only friends we haven't met yet."

1964 The Club was organized in this year by a small group of anxious boaters. Originally known as the "Beer-Caneers" the name was soon changed to Belvidere Boat Club because Belvidere Bay was the geographical location where most of the Club Members moored or met. The first club meetings were held in a house rented from Clarence Gentz who owned Gentz Marina located on Catfish Creek from the Clinton River to Belvidere Bay. 

1968 The principle interest of the Club and it's members was fellowship, safe boating and family fun. As a result, the club grew in membership, and on January 13, 1968, Belvidere Boat Club received their Charter from the State of Michigan. 

1971 In search of property in the Lake St. Clair flats area, members of the club discovered several, but one in particular stood out as affordable and a prime location on the North Channel across from Fair Haven.

1974 The club purchased this particular property in which eventually canals were dredged, a seawall constructed with docks, and electrical was ran to the island for service to docks and a small garage that was built.

1975 The first flagpole was constructed and raised in this year and is still there to this day.

1976 Members built another building which was basically a shed that held yard tools and had the island rules printed on the outside.

1977 After several years of negotiating, the club purchased the adjoining lot making a complete island. At this same time, the purchase of a cottage clubhouse from Poor Man's Yacht club for the price of $1.00 was agreed upon. The building was moved to the island in May of 1977. Along with more dredging and fill dirt to create a lagoon and more wells and give better than three and a half acres of land for the club to further build upon. 

1982 The club members erected a lighthouse, which has been appropriately named "The Belvidere Light". Past Commodore Bob Holmes was instrumental in getting our light house put on the navigational charts which you will find there to this day.

1991/1992 With an installation of a new septic system, and further enlargement of the clubhouse, a new BBC sign constructed,  growth continued further with record amounts of memberships.

1995 Construction of a two car garage replaced the smaller shed located on the south side of the island to provide more storage of the clubs assets.